A TRANSFORMATIONAL coach is launching an online course aimed at empowering professional women.

Andrea Morrison received a micro-business grant to develop a programme which will enable women to become more confident and resilient, and find more balance between competing demands.

Four other micro-businesses involved in the creation of the Courageous Females programme will also benefit from the grant.

Andrea, who is also a TEDx speaker, said workplace gender pay disparities and difficulties climbing the career ladder were challenges facing many of her clients.

She is concerned the gender gap could widen during the pandemic as women potentially face more pressure as they take on duties in the home such as childcare.

Andrea, who has moved her one-to-one coaching online, is using the grant to launch the eight-week programme on June 8, with flexibility to fit around busy lives. For details visit http://andreamorrison.co.uk/the-courageous-females-programme/