The government is not made of money and our Labour, Lib Dem and Green council should make some sacrifices and cut backs.

A good start would be to cancel the expenses increases they voted themselves.

Nobody wants cuts to libraries, parks or social services.

But money spent on bicycle paths could be postponed for a year or so - also the crazy plans for traffic in the Groves and, dare I say it, around Bishy Road.

The money spent on those dreadful security blocks in St Helens Square should also be redirected.

And payments to consultants don’t seem to do much good as we still get Lendal Bridge fiascos and the closure of the lovely fountain in Parliament Street.

Selling a few shops might help too.

After all, the council shouldn’t be in the landlord business in the first place.

John Zimnoch,

Osbaldwick Village, York

It’s time for a council U-turn on Bishy Road

I am heartily sick of people talking about the Bishopthorpe Road fiasco but not coming up with a logical answer.

My answer to the problem: let the traffic go up Bishopthorpe Road.

In other words, reverse the present system, relieving the congestion in Nunnery Lane.

Brian Bevan,

Walmgate, York