As we begin to restore some semblance of normality to our daily lives let us take this opportunity to consider some changes.

Our health and safety ought to be our main aim. Let us work towards minimising any risks by wearing the correct safety equipment at work and play. This includes cycle helmets.

We should be more vigilant regarding litter and animal excrement in public places, only visit our casualty department in a real emergency, encourage parents to follow the immunisation programme for their children, promote a healthy lifestyle and try to travel in harmony with other road users whatever their mode of transport.

If the council wants to ban all traffic from the city centre then do it, don’t wait a hundred years.

John Close,

Trafalgar Street, York

An act of kindness in a time of coronavirus

Last week I experienced an act of extreme kindness. I had driven to my local Post Office in Huntington when my car began making a noise. I stopped and it turned out to be a flat tyre. A man parked nearby saw what was happening and immediately came to my aid.

Despite having his wife and two small children with him, he was so keen to help and took the time to follow me home (my car was still driveable), where he changed the wheel on my driveway. I am 94 and it was such a great help.

All I know about him is that he lives in Clifton, but I would like to say thank you for his kindness, especially in these troubled times.

Margaret Sinclair,

Earswick, York