A YORK Conservative MP has called on the Prime Minister to clarify the situation on the future Dominic Cummings, saying his actions look to be "more and more untenable."

Julian Sturdy, Conservative Member of Parliament for York Outer since 2010, has said that the Prime Minister needs to clarify the situation "as soon as possible."

Mr Sturdy has responded after receiving a letter from John Tomsett, head teacher at Hungtington School in the city, who was was unable to say goodbye to his mother, who he says passed away on April 18 of Covid-19.

Mr Tomsett sent a letter to Mr Sturdy explaining how he was "appalled," by Dominic Cumming's behaviour after after discovering that Mr Cummings - Boris Johnson's chief aid - allegedly made a 260-mile journey while official guidelines warned against long-distance journeys

In response to this, Mr Sturdy said: "I have huge amounts of sympathy for John who has gone through such an awful time."

When discussing the situation with Dominic Commings' future, Mr Sturdy said: "I don't think this can go on much longer. It is damaging the Government's reputation.

"You can't have one rule for Government advisers and one for everyone else. His future does seem to look more and more untenable moving forward.

"The Prime Minister needs to clarify Mr Cummings' position in a statement as soon as possible."

Other Conservative MPs around the country have ramped up pressure on Boris Johnson to dispense with his top aide.