A YORK man who became a celebrity after discovering a huge chip has decided to donate all of his proceeds to benefit York Hospital staff.

Oliver Dale, who lives in Huntington, was “amazed,” after finding a 7-inch chip while preparing his tea.

Oliver and his chip made national news, as well as featuring on BBC’s Have I Got News For You.

He said: “I’d encourage people to do something different, especially something they wouldn’t normally do before we had lockdown.

“My intention was to trigger conversations to take people’s minds off the current grim situation.”

Now, Oliver has decided that he is going to put the money he has raised from fundraising and donations to good use.

He plans to purchase prizes for 10 members of staff working on the Covid-19 ward at York Hospital, which will be revealed to them in a golden envelope.

Oliver said: “I have a close friend who works on the ward. The nurses that are chosen to receive the prize will be nominated by a colleague. I will be going through the nominations myself and choosing the winners.

“I’m not giving anything away about what is inside the envelopes, but hopefully it will make them realise how appreciated they are.”

He will be delivering the golden envelopes himself to the hospital, while following social distancing guidelines.

Oliver has smashed his fundraising target of £500, with over £930 raised so far.

He said: “I want to thank everyone who has supported me so far, including people from the music and TV industry.

“However, the biggest thank you goes to the kind people of York.”

To donate, visit: https://bit.ly/36kct9F

Once the prizes have been purchased, Oliver will then decide how to distribute the rest of the money he has raised.

You can contact Oliver on Twitter @OliverD1999