Shuttered shops, empty eateries and almost deserted streets show the coronavirus pandemic is still having a major impact on every day lives after weeks of lockdown.

The Prime Minister has begun to ease restrictions and there are signs of life in York, as premises start to re-open, albeit for shorter hours and to a different tune, with cafes reinvented as take-aways, construction sites up-and-running with strict social distancing measures in place, and businesses such as estate agents cautiously opening their doors, hand sanitiser and masks at the ready.

These pictures, taken on the morning of Wednesday, May 20, have an almost ghost-town quality to them, showing streets usually swarming with people still standing virtually empty.

Many people are still opting to stay at home to protect themselves - or are heading for open spaces, such as riverside paths and York's strays for their exercise or to meet a friend or relative.

Boris Johnson may wish for 'near normality' by July, but these photographs show York is a long way off that new reality.