A YORK-BASED musician is set to release their third single, after success with release of the first two earlier in the year.

Cold Culprits, also known as Andy C Watson, is a musician and freelance writer in the city.

Earlier this year, he released his first two singles called ‘We Will Bleed’ and ‘Candy Thief’.

Now, Andy is looking to send out his third single, which is slightly different from the first two.

The musician said: “Setting Suns is about the end of a relationship.

“I think it’s quite a departure from my first two singles, with more of storytelling approach, less musical distortion and a bit more introspection.”

The song is framed within high-gain guitars and synthesizers that provide a contrast to the lyrics.

Andy said: “I like to think of it as an inventive, controlled cacophony that allows the sad-but-hopeful story to bubble through.”

Cold Culprits’ third single will be released on Friday May 29.

His influences include Neil Young, INXS, Bjork, The Clash and The Doors.