FOUR York medical practices are now running clinical trials as part of a national effort to find treatments to fight coronavirus - and the NHS is appealing for more volunteers to take part.

Last month, The Press reported that The Jorvik Gillygate Practice is taking part in The Principle Trial - in partnership with Oxford University - which looks at trialling the drug hydroxychloroquine to help reduce the need for hospitalisation and the length of stay required.

The drug, which has been used for many years around the world for conditions such as malaria and arthritis, could also help people recover more quickly.

The study is now operating at more practices - the Jorvik Gillygate Practice, Tollerton Surgery, MyHealth medical centre and Elvington Medical Practice.

Participation is now open to people aged 65 or over who have symptoms of Covid-19, and those aged 50-64 who are experiencing symptoms and have one of a number of conditions.

These include individuals with a known weakened immune system because of a serious illness or medication; heart disease or high blood pressure; asthma or lung disease; diabetes that is not being treated with insulin; a mild hepatic impairment (liver disease), or who have previously had a stroke or have known neurological problems.

The Covid-19 symptoms must have been experienced for less than 15 days.

A spokesman for the NHS said all the drugs being tested are already widely used in the NHS and have been approved as safe for use in this study.

Michelle Carrington, executive director of nursing at NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “I would encourage anyone who is interested and eligible to participate in the Principle study to find out more and get involved.”

To find out more about the tests or to volunteer to take part, visit