FARMERS in the Vale of York and East Riding are confident they have enough labour to bring in the harvest.

Unlike the big fruit and vegetable growing areas of the country such as Kent and East Anglia, Yorkshire tends to grow crops that do not require large numbers of pickers.

An NFU spokesman said the few larger businesses in the region needing pickers had planned ahead and had the pickers they need.

Some growers had recruited locally via Facebook.

Others had had lots of applications from would-be pickers and were working their way through them.

The main picking season for soft fruit will not start in Yorkshire until next month when early strawberries ripen and continues through until late July.

Earlier this week, the Government launched a Pick for Britain campaign to encourage those on furlough or unemployed to help bring in the harvest.

Farmers nationally were concerned about a lack of labour. Normally they rely heavily on migrant workers from elsewhere in Europe, who currently cannot travel.