‘Stay Alert’. It is comforting to know that I am not alone in being confused and slightly worried about the Government’s new slogan. Hopefully the science behind it is sound and - hurrah, we can briefly escape. I hope this will not be a cautionary tale of too much too soon?

Phil Shepherdson,

Chantry Close,

Woodthorpe, York

Teachers’ unions don’t care about public good

Teachers’ trade unions are telling their members not to go into school when they re-open soon. This reprehensible political disruption by the left-dominated unions shows just how much their supposed concern for the public good is just a veil to cover their main purpose of inflicting their radical programme on society, regardless of whether the vast majority want it.

Geoff Robb,

Hunters Close,


Remember ‘magic money tree’ next time you clap

I wonder if I may indulge your readers in a simple suggestion to improve that national Thursday evening pastime of clapping for carers. Don’t waste valuable energy banging pans, clapping or singing to support the NHS; simply obtain a recording of Mrs May’s ‘magic money tree’ statement (I’m sure we all remember it, if only for it’s patronising tone) and play that at full belt. If you still feel the need to clap may I suggest, as a substitute, that you obtain a sound recording of Tory parliamentary applause as an NHS pay rise was voted down and play that instead.

Richard D Bowen,

Farrar Street, York