While I accept a return to work is inevitable and that, as an unqualified opinionist, I must bow to the greater wisdom of experts, I am rather concerned by my lack of ability to spot the signs of Covid-19.

Given that even with glasses I - and most of the population - have failed to spot the Home Secretary for some months, and she is considerably larger than a microbe, is it wise to engage in hand-to-hand combat with an invisible enemy?

On a serious note Priti Patel is responsible for issuing guidance to, and setting the tone for, the day-to-day policing of the nation.

I defy anyone to find a clear common policy in the activities of individual police forces during this crisis.

Confusion, chaos, why at this rate no-one will be sure if they are going, or Cummings.

Richard D Bowen,

Farrar Street, York

Who was responsible for ordering useless PPE?

Who was responsible for ordering the useless Turkish PPE? What kind of a firm would order goods before checking suitability? Why has no-one been held responsible?

We have a marvellous army of volunteers working frantically making PPE for our care workers. Do other countries have to rely on volunteers to provide essential PPE?

Lack of PPE has caused the death of many of our care workers.

Shame on us! When this is all over let’s show all this support and concern that we have given to all these brave workers and demand that they are appreciated and paid the wages that they deserve.

Our NHS was once something to be proud of, admired and envied. Remember the 2012 Olympics that we hosted and Danny Boyle’s portrayal of the NHS? Unforgettable.

Kath Powell, Scottwood, Cawood Common, Selby