Lockdown may be easing - a little. But there’s plenty of confusion about exactly what we can and can’t all do, where we can and can’t go, and who with. Others are still naturally cautious about going outdoors at all for long periods of time, much as they may want to.

A couple of weeks ago we brought readers stuck at home a virtual breath of fresh air in the form of a pictorial day out up on the North York Moors courtesy of photographer Nikki Bowling.

Today, Nikki takes us on a picture trip Bridlington, Flamborough and Bempton.

The 44-year-old wedding and portrait photographer has always lived in York. When she was little, the family used to have two holidays a year - one up onto the Moors, and the other to Bridlington and the East Yorkshire coast.

From Bridlington, the family would walk to Sewerby, looking out for fossils (usually ammonites) along the way. And they’d also go up onto the clifftops at Flamborough, visit the lighthouse, then go bird-watching for puffins at Bempton.

These days - before lockdown, at least - she and her family (partner Russ and 11-year-old daughter Mia) still like to take short breaks to Brid, spending a night or two there so they can explore the nearby cliffs and look for fossils. You can still find them, she says - though there don’t seem to be as many as when she was a girl.

During lockdown, she has been sorting through her photos, and has dug out this selection. They show the seafront and beach at Bridlington, the chalk cliffs and stacks at Flamborough, and the heights of Bempton.

The sea is ever present in all of them: crashing against the cliffs, rolling up onto the beach or lying ominously still under a burning noonday sun. Go on, admit it, you can taste that sea air...

Stephen Lewis

See more of Nikki’s photos at nikkibowling.com