Due to the current lockdown restrictions we, like many other households, have been using online deliveries for several items.

We recently placed an order with a local Malton company, as we prefer to support local businesses wherever possible.

The order was processed and despatched with Parcel Force and we were sent a tracking number to check progress. The order arrived within a couple of days but we were amazed at the route taken.

The distance between Malton and Strensall is around 17 miles but the tracking detailed the following route: the parcel was collected from Malton and taken to the Cleveland depot in Middlesbrough from where it was sent to the Northern hub in Chorley, Manchester. Chorley processed the order and sent it on to the York depot from where it was finally delivered to Strensall. We estimate a journey length of 260 miles.

The goods arrived within two days in perfect condition so there must be method in their madness!

John Bewley,

Netherwoods, Strensall

Should social distancing apply to cars?

Perhaps the government should extend social distancing to cars and other vehicles as they pass cyclists and slow-moving traffic.

DM Deamer,

Penleys Grove Street, York