A 96-YEAR-OLD thought to be the oldest working tailor in the UK has beaten Covid-19.

Elwyn Hughes moved to Connaught Court care home in Fulford from Harrogate six years ago and is still stitching - more than 80 years after he first picked up a needle and thread.

But five weeks ago he was laid low by coronavirus after a test carried out at the home came back positive for Covid-19.

His son, Richard, 67, who lives in Harrogate, said his family has been very worried, but got the news on Wednesday that his dad got the all clear.

He said: “My dad’s a fighter, he doesn’t give in. He fought the Germans in the war and now he’s fought Covid and won. He turned a corner on VE Day. He hadn’t eaten for 10 days at that point, but the next morning he had a bit of breakfast and he’s feeling more like himself again.”

Richard said his dad had terrible night sweats and at one point the paramedics came to the home, but they recommended that he stay put.

Richard said: “He’s still poorly, but they’ve given him the all clear and his temperature has come down day on day. We haven’t been able to see dad, but the staff at Connaught Court have been just amazing. I’d like to thank the manager, Victoria Wilson, his chief carer Chris and his everyday carer Katie. They could not have been more compassionate or caring.”

Great-great-grandfather Elwyn left school at 14 and became a tailor. Four years later, aged 18 and in the midst of the Second World War in 1942, he joined the Army and trained as a machine gunner, spending eight months in Orkney.

But when officers found out he was a skilled tailor he was instead sent around Britain with his sewing kit attaching stripes to soldier’s uniforms.

At the end of the war he returned to the trade and married wife Barbara, and had three sons, John, Richard and Malcolm. Sadly, Barbara died in 1993.

Elwyn spent much of his long career in Leeds, making Burberry skirts and enjoyed many years tailoring men’s suits before retiring at the age of 80.

It’s thought Elwyn could be the longest-serving tailor in Britain, with 82 years under his belt.

Between the ages of 75 and 80 Elwyn travelled around the world to countries including Russia, Egypt and China working for an American clothing company.

He was tasked with visiting their suit factories to ensure the quality of product was of appropriate standard.

At Connaught Court, Elwyn relies on a steady stream of customers to keep him busy and donates all his earnings nowadays to charity.

In a previous interview, Elwyn said of his long career: “I was expected to go into the mines as a lad but I’m glad I decided to go into tailoring instead. It was a great career and something that I still love doing.

“Tailoring keeps me active and occupied, it gives me a focus and provides challenges. Lots of people my age just sit watching television all day but that’s not me. You have to keep your brain working, otherwise you’ll end up losing your marbles.”

Elwyn has four grandchildren, four great grandchildren and a great great grandson, named Thomas Elwyn.