I fully support any initiative to make our city centre a zero emission zone (Bid to make York first UK zero emission city, May 12).

Having stayed in the Swiss resort of Zermatt I enjoyed very much the freedom it offered the visitor, the town being traffic free.

If York is to follow this course it must first sort out access, particularly in the light of housing developments that are taking place without infrastructure planning to cope with the increase in residents who will use our already overcrowded road network.

Increased car parking and Park&Ride at the edge of the zero emission zone are key. The current Park&Ride could provide an excellent shuttle, however, the current fare structure will be a major disincentive. A number of towns charge a nominal fee for parking whilst the shuttle is free. For visitors and citizens this would make access for work or tourism a real benefit.

Stand by for the consultants.

J A Whitmore, Haxby

Let’s give York council credit where credit is due

I read with interest Dr Scott Marmion’s letter (‘This waste of money is a sign of the times’, May 7). Dr Marmion finds City of York Council guilty of ‘time and money wasted as usual’. It has been fashionable to knock the council for years now. In the interest of balance, I should like to commend City of York Council for taking advantage of the reduced traffic and footfall during this terrible virus, by investing in a programme of roadworks and pavement improvements, which will benefit York residents and visitors alike.

However, have the Mandarins at Station Rise considered the prospect, while our waterways are still, of dredging the Rivers Ouse and Foss (if that is indeed possible?). After a terrible year, I see no reason (other than financial) not to spare some of us from the annual flooding that will surely engulf us at the beginning of 2021.

Ivan Wootton,

Burnholme Avenue, York