Last week we ‘spent’ a lovely day on an unknown Greek island.

We got up at 4am (could not sleep) to go to the airport (our house) where we had our usual breakfast of eggs benedict (tea and toast). It was not busy, in fact, we were the only ones there.

When we arrived (about three minutes) the weather was beautiful and we laid on our loungers on the beach (lawn). It was very peaceful and all we could hear was the tinkling of goat bells (our next door neighbour’s wind chime).

In the evening we went to a barbeque (our garden) and were very lucky to hear the wonderful Nana Maskouri singing (our CD player). We stayed up late drinking ouzo (pear cider).

We had a wonderful day and our carbon footprints remain intact!

Jenny Hilton, Holgate Lodge Drive, Holgate, York