YORK City FC fans got excited when the club's press officer tweeted there would be "an announcement" at 4.10pm today.

But Dan Simmonite wasn't preparing to reveal whether the club would be promoted to the National League this year or anything about its long awaited move to the Community Stadium.

He was promoting his NHS fund raising using four photos he had made apparently showing Banksy murals on the Bootham Crescent stadium's walls.

But there are no murals on the walls.

The photos are a combination of real photos of the stadium's walls with Banksy style murals added using computer software.

He is auctioning them on eBay to raise funds for a York Teaching Hospital charity.

"It was a bit of a laugh," he said as he revealed the truth on Radio York at 4.10pm.

"It takes people's minds off what is happening in the world. at the moment."

He said he had been interested in social media chatter about Banksy murals at Bootham Crescent.