The real shame in this whole awful pandemic has to be, to my mind, the quick way that every problem is laid at the door of our government - a government which has worked tirelessly to try and ensure we are all safe and most importantly live!

Yes, I am sure mistakes have been made, as they have in every country during this terrible time. Lessons will be learned worldwide. But to try and blame the government for the substandard PPE made by a manufacturer in Turkey is just laughable.

Did you expect the Cabinet to fly over there and inspect every item? Should I now do the same when I order from Amazon? No! Well then, I suggest that we thank the government for stepping in and taking over the procurement, rather than continuing the infantile, tedious Boris bashing!

Judith Morris (Mrs),

Moorland Road, York

Johnson should resign - the sooner, the better

Prime Minister Boris Johnson naming his child after doctors who provided extra special care to him when he was at death’s door due to Covid-19 does not begin to cut it.

He should assume responsibility for his most inept leadership in this crisis which is leading swiftly to a death toll in Britain amongst the highest in the developed world. Johnson should resign - the sooner the better for all the rest of us.

Helen Hills,

Southlands Road, York