Social distancing seems to be working well in York, but more guidance is needed at key pedestrian and cyclist congestion points. The Millennium Bridge requires this urgently. At busy times there are families with toddlers, babies in buggies, elderly people, runners and cyclists. People try to keep two metres apart but in doing so it can be chaotic and there is serious risk of cyclists and pedestrians being injured.

The council moved quickly with signs closing the seating on the bridge, but a simple two-way separation for all bridge users would make people much safer - prominent council signs to encourage all users to ‘keep left’ would reduce risk dramatically. Some flimsy, home-made, monochrome paper signs reminding cyclists of the two metres rule and to slow down have been put up on the Fishergate side of the bridge only, but official council signs are needed to get people to take note and keep everyone safe.

C&N Heaton,

Fishergate, York