Here we go again, led by Green Councillor Andy D Agorne: reducing another road in York to one way (Bishy Road shuts in one direction, May 8). This is a measure which will be permanent I’m sure if not leading to full closure, in spite of his assurances of it being a short term trial under constant review.

I also wish to maintain the health benefits of low traffic and improved air quality but exactly how on earth does he think this will happen?

Improved air quality won’t happen on the diverted route that goes past All Saints Junior School on Nunnery Lane, next to the traffic lights with its continual idling traffic and long tailbacks that without doubt will be exposing children among others to even greater polluted air quality levels.

Diverting vehicles over a distance of say 1-5 miles to stop them going past a row of shops that is likely no more than 250 yards in length is just sheer lunacy. Will emergency vehicles be exempt from this folly? Because if they aren’t then people’s lives are at risk here. You should open the street immediately but on York council’s past form the die is already cast I fear.

Peter Boulton,

Orchard Gardens, York

Bishopthorpe Road must be kept open to help recovery

What on earth are City of York Council thinking of in closing and blocking the southbound half of Bishopthorpe Road off to traffic? Why? This is completely and utterly stupid.

My wife and I have been so grateful to the Bishy Road traders for their excellent service and quality of products throughout this coronavirus crisis - they have been brilliant. But the deliveries arrive by van, not bike! Why make this essential public service unnecessarily more difficult for them, already suffering greatly?

It makes no sense to force traffic from Bishy Road miles out of the way up Nunnery Lane onto Blossom Street.

Pedestrians and shoppers - who need extra safe space - spending money on Bishy Road are the priority as we go forward. Surely, it would be much safer to route cyclists round the back onto Saint Benedict Road, Victoria Street and into Nunnery Lane (apologies to the late, lovely, Paul Hepworth).

York’s economic business recovery and jobs are now critical and this road must play its vital part to make York move and spend, spend, spend!

Keith Massey,

Bishopthorpe, York