With regard to M Kendall’s recent letter saying we should all be in this together: yes many people in this country have come together to help each other. Shame the EU are not doing the same.

They are not adopting a united approach which is why so many EU countries are criticising the EU. They have failed to agree a shared debt across the bloc, hence Italy, Spain and now Ireland consider the whole EU project could fail because of their response to Covid-19.

This is why it is good the UK is out as all these other countries will be looking after their own interests and only their own interests when it comes down to the wire, as it surely will.

W Maddocks,


It was NATO not the EU that kept the peace

It is always worth remembering the most important element in maintaining peace in Europe has always been NATO. It is extremely doubtful that the European Union would have stopped thousands of Soviet troops, tanks and planes rolling over Western Europe without all the NATO troops, mostly American and British, stationed in West Germany.

Ernest Sawdon,

Whernside Avenue, Tang Hall, York