All of us were deeply moved by the heartfelt statement the Prime Minister gave about the NHS workers who saved his life.

But while our NHS frontline staff may be heroes, they are far from invincible. More than 130 frontline NHS staff and care workers have already died as a result of exposure to Covid-19. The Prime Minister’s kind words are a start but words aren’t enough – we need action on personal protective equipment (PPE) right away.

City of York Council have been working to ensure that our care teams have sufficient PPE but national stocks are running low and it is essential that we give priority to NHS and adult social care staff. I’ve been delighted to see local businesses step up in response to the council’s request for PPE donations. This is exactly the kind of community spirit that will get us through this crisis

NHS workers are our last line of defence against Covid-19. Every single day they risk their lives to go to work and they do it to make us safer. Providing them with the equipment that protects them is the most essential task facing government right now.

Richard Brown,

Copmanthorpe, York

Why didn’t someone check the Turkish PPE?

Do Government procurement officials never check what they are buying? A hundred thousand items of PPE flown from Turkey courtesy of the RAF are now holed up in a warehouse and will not be used. Why? The NHS deems the products not up to standard. Surely someone should have inspected before purchasing? What an utter waste of public money.

Peter Rickaby, West Park, Selby

Let’s learn lessons from coronavirus lockdown

I hope that when this lockdown is over people will realise how much better things like the air and the countryside have been: birds singing, fish being seen in Venice, the smog cleared in Delhi, less traffic on all our roads.

I hope people will learn to use public transport or cycle or walk instead of always using their cars.

I also hope we shall show the same determination to stop warfare and to fight climate change, starvation, poverty, homelessness, disease and all the other pestilences that inflict humanity that we have shown in the fight against this coronavirus.

People have said it can’t be done. Well we must not accept such a cynical, pessimistic attitude. We must be like Tom Moore and Greta Thunberg: we must not give up but keep fighting for a better world

This lockdown has given us a taste of what things can be like. Let’s look after this planet.

Robert D Greaves, Alder Way, York

Top marks to the Press delivery teams

I like your item about newspaper delivery boys (Thanks to unsung heroes of The Press, May 6). I would like to mention Eamon who delivers in Bramley Garth. Early on in the lockdown the lad included a note offering to assist if required in obtaining milk etc.

Barry Walker,

Bramley Garth, York