Like G Brian Ledger (Letters , April 27) I read with disbelief the earlier letter about how lucky we are to be out of the EU so we don’t have to help nations like Italy and Spain.

One of the wonderful things to come out of the coronavirus pandemic is how people have come together to help each other. I hope that we will maybe learn from this how much better we are when we all pull together.

We will soon be marking VE Day. It’s worth remembering that the EU was born out of the horror of war, and that the countries in the EU have been at peace for 75 years. The EU isn’t perfect and members may disagree at times but the bond has held and diplomacy, not war, has resolved disputes.

Besides, what kind of friend turns their back when help is needed? And best hope you never need a helping hand as there maybe no-one left to offer one.

M Kendall,

Wheldrake, York.

It is too soon to relax social distancing

Our nation is supposedly waiting for the ‘great release’ when Boris speaks to us on Sunday about relaxing various restrictions. I believe that this is too soon for any lifting of preventative measures. I hope that my deep concerns are proved wrong. Is it worth the risk?

Geoff Robb,

Hunters Close,