A YORK chocolatier whose bespoke gift boxes have 'gone down a storm' says she hopes people will continue to support small businesses post-lockdown.

Linda Barrie who founded Choc Affair in 2006 usually sells to businesses and large tourist attractions around the UK, but that stopped instantly with the shutdown.

She launched special isolation and lockdown boxes, enabling customers to personally select treats from Choc Affair's range and have the letter box-sized gift delivered to friends and loved ones.

"That first week I probably didn't sleep a wink. It was like staring into an abyss, thinking 'what now?' Then we started to see online orders coming in and it just took off. It is keeping us ticking over and we are very grateful. It has enabled us to keep our doors open so we are ready to bring our team back."

Only three of Choc Affair's 23-strong team are currently working.

Linda said their special boxes had 'gone down a storm'. "We weren't doing this before but it has made me realise we need to worker harder on our online business and keep developing that. There's every chance that could be the future."

Linda used a free advert through The Press Supporting Local Businesses campaign to promote her online deliveries, and praised the support shown by The Press and local businesses.

"Seeing so many local businesses who have adapted their business very quickly to serve their community, I really hope people hang on to that and continue to use them," she said. "I hope that's the good that can come out of this."

To order Lockdown Chocolate Boxes, visit www.choc-affair.com

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