TALK about getting creative... Children in York's Derwenthorpe estate (and perhaps a few parents, too) have taken advantage of lockdown to turn the windows of their homes into a giant community art gallery.

Window displays have appeared across the estate. Many feature the rainbow design, symbolising hope, that has become such a feature of lockdown. Others thank NHS staff and other frontline workers or exhort people to 'Stay home, stay safe'. In one, a large teddy bear dressed in a red cardigan and sporting a green, red and white striped scarf sits in the window 'watching' passers by. Another, with a big red heart painted in the middle, says 'Thank You NHS". Above this, a child has added: "Postmen, shopkeepers, delivery drivers, bin men, police, firemen."

The window displays were noticed by resident Steven Burkeman, who photographed a selection and has created on online 'Derwenthorpe lockdown windows' gallery (visit

Mr Burkeman said as far as he knows the displays were not planned. "There hasn't been any discussion about it. It was spontaneous. But there is a strong community spirit here through the whole neighbourhood."

If you live in Derwenthorpe and your display isn't in the gallery, email a picture to