I refer to your article ‘Shambles could be one way after lockdown’ (The Press, April 29). Why stop there? Milan will be restricting motor traffic in a large part of its centre. Imagine the opposition to that in ‘normal times’. But a reason why coronavirus has been such a burden in Italy is the high levels of pollution, weakening lungs.

The annual 8.4 million visitors to York come to wander the medieval grid of streets. Rachael Maskell MP told the Guardian on April 29 that the ‘whole economy of the city is going to have be reset’. That’s true but tourism will remain an important part of it - if the visitors can be encouraged to come.

A way to both deepen their experience of the city and to cope with any long term social distancing measures would be to make over large parts of the old city to pedestrians. So make traffic-free the area from Mickelgate Bar over Ouse Bridge to the bollards by Stonebow, plus the walk from the station to The Minster Quarter over Lendal Bridge.

Similarly, Walmgate. Vehicle deliveries and refuse collection before 10am, exceptions for any residents with cars.

Use the crisis of lockdown as an opportunity to make York a place that tourists will remember and return to and local people can enjoy at will. Sadly, the high street (big department stores) may be a thing of the past so the city needs to be enticing - and what better than a relaxed stroll, even if everyone is going the same way!

Harold Mozley,

Blakeney Place, York