YORK Central MP, Rachael Maskell, has opened over 2,000 new cases with York residents since the coronavirus pandemic began in the city.

So far, 2,068 new cases have been opened on behalf of residents in York since the beginning of March this year - a 335 per cent increase on the previous two months.

Over the two month period, she has also held around 280 meetings, with half of these being surgery appointments with constituents, in addition to her work as a Shadow Minister.

She added that there has been a wide range of issues raised with her including workplace safety, access to food, the financial packages put forward, in particular individuals not being able to access these, and universal credit.

She has ​also picked up issues about health care and access to funerals, adding: "As residents lives have been dramatically, and for some traumatically, changed in every way imaginable, she has made representation over these issues and many more on behalf of each constituent to the appropriate place."

She said: “Residents, businesses and services across York have had their lives turned upside down over the last few weeks as we have all been affected by this coronavirus pandemic. 

"This has been particularly difficult ​as people try to protect their health and their finances.

“This week I will have served as the MP for York Central for five years, ​and ​there has never been a time when I have witnessed such acute need for support across every aspect of life in the city, and we have certainly had our challenges with austerity and flooding over the last decade. 

"Without more comprehensive and on-going support packages from the government, people will struggle through the coming weeks and months.

"This is why I have worked on each case to find solutions and propose these to the Government, the council and other agencies.

"I want to thank everyone across the city who is working so hard and volunteering to support people as we work through this crisis together.  Even people who are just staying home are playing their part."

She added that her office remains open for those needing help.