A POP-UP cycle lane has been created on a busy road and bridge in York.

One lane of Tower Street and Castle Mills Bridge has been turned into a temporary cycle lane to help cyclists and pedestrians stay socially distant during the lockdown.

Cones have been left out following the completion of refurbishment work on the bridge over the River Foss and 'cyclists only' signs are in place.

Andy D'Agorne, who is the Green Party councillor for Fishergate Ward, said: "With the stay home message, far more people are out walking and cycling about. With the dramatic drop in traffic on the roads, some pedestrians are walking in the road to keep their distance from others walking the other way.

“By giving more dedicated road space to cyclists and pedestrians whilst traffic levels are lower we will make roads safer for everyone.

“Cities across the UK and Europe are implementing similar measures and it seemed since the cones were already out it was a sensible place to trial this in York."

He added: "Part of the thinking behind this is that a lot of pedestrians and cyclists are using Blue Bridge and the riverside path.

"If we can encourage more cyclists to use the road it will ease the pressure on the riverside path around Blue Bridge."