AN HR consultancy which has been providing free business support through the Covid-19 crisis is now backing The Press campaign.

WWR HR has become the latest commercial partner of Supporting Local Businesses to help family-run and independent businesses stay afloat during the pandemic.

Through the campaign, we are offering free adverts to help promote how businesses have adapted to keep operating, from virtual workshops to online trading and doorstep deliveries.

WWR HR works with businesses in different sectors, from one employee to 10,000, offering a tailored service, from handling contract and document creation to health and safety, and redundancy support. Since the Covid-19 crisis began, it has given free support to thousands of businesses around the country.

Nick Whiteside, managing director, said: “The risk of furloughing someone incorrectly could end up at a tribunal; bringing them back to work without correct processes could end up with a claim. The last thing a business wants is to be liable for a claim. We are backing the campaign to support local organisations during this tough time with any aspect of HR, furlough and health and safety.”

He added: “The biggest thing we are supporting now is post-lockdown contingency plans. A lot of businesses will have to make tough decisions, whether redundancy or phased return to work. How do you decide who comes back and who doesn’t?”

WWR HR is holding a free Back To Work, Back To Reality webinar for businesses on Wednesday, May 6, from 12pm to 1pm. For details and to register, visit For free advice email or phone 01904 896492.

For a free advert, email Nicola Haigh at