CYCLISTS have welcomed a new traffic free way across the York Outer Ring Road after the opening of an underpass.

But they say it needs to be better signposted, with at least one only finding its York end because they had ridden it the other way first.

The car-free route joins Knapton in west York to Rufforth and thence to other villages west of the city.

Until it opened, cyclists and pedestrians wanting to cross the A1237 west of York had to use a pedestrian and cycle crossing without traffic lights between the B1224 Wetherby Road roundabout and the roundabout at the junction of Moor Lane and Askham Lane.

Cyclist Darryl Rayner said of the new Knapton underpass: “I’ve used this in both directions now and to be honest, I only found the entrance outbound because I had previously used it inbound. I agree that it does need signposts in Knapton.

“It is definitely a major improvement over the old A1237 crossing, especially for the younger generation and other vulnerable road users.”

Robert Wright said “It’s a good addition. Nice and safe. Easy to miss though. Beckfield Lane, Knapton, then down through Poppleton and back by Manor School is a decent cycle for kids with much of it a cycle path and quiet roads.”

Ruth Jennaway said “Zero signage. Even a little blue sticker would help. It is a lovely route though, with butterflies and the hedges coming into leaf.”

Imelda Havers said “ It’s a great addition to the local cycling network, although the surface is quite rough, which, combined with a few inclines, make it a bit heavy going.

“And I absolutely wouldn’t use it in the dark - it’s essentially a rural route.”

A spokesman for York Cycle Campaign said: "​There are many more settlements around the city such as Haxby, Strensall and Askham Bryan which would benefit from similar investment to link into existing infrastructure and provide car-free family friendly routes into the city.

"During the current COVID-19 crisis many in the city are seeing positive changes in the city such as quieter roads that are allowing them the confidence to ride into and around the city with their children.

"This is unlikely to be possible when things return to normal, and traffic returns to the roads making them unsafe once again, so it's likely there will be increased demand for quiet routes away from traffic suitable for everyone."

Here's a cyclist's view of part of the cycle path including the underpass