Here’s a glimpse of a part of York that has changed a good deal. No, not the city walls, but the gaggle of factory and warehouse buildings to the right of it which once made up Aldwark.

The picture shows the city walls at Monk Bar and was taken in 1953 to show the excavation work on Roman tower foundations discovered there, visible in the centre of the photo.

What makes this particular photo so interesting, however, is the buildings to the right and behind the dig.

The half-timbered building is familiar enough to us today: it is the Merchant Taylors’ Hall. But top right are the buildings of J.J. Hunt’s brewery. The square white square church tower in the middle background is St Cuthbert’s on Peasholme Green and to the left of this is the bottom of the 1930s cooling tower on Foss Islands Road.

The picture cones from Explore York’s new-look digital archive,

Stephen Lewis