Over the last year or so we have seen the installation of super-fast fibre optic broadband. Every street in York seems to have been dug up, we probably thought it inconvenient at the time.

Thank goodness we were in front of the curve, however: people who are now having to work from home can do so fast and efficiently.

The BBC have been able to test the limits of communication technology, producing programmes with participants in different locations. Even The House of Lords (heaven help us) will continue via the internet. So whoever is responsible for setting up the deal to install the fibre optic broadband in York, lets give them a cheer.

For the future though, I am wondering if offices in our city may become a thing of the past. Lots of us can and are willing to work remotely.

My old firm based near York for 40 years has just closed its offices and warehouse. The ‘UK office’ is now located in Denmark, customers who telephone what they believe is a UK phone number are connected to English-speaking staff located in Langeskov, in Denmark. Next day delivery is available - well, it was before coronavirus. Unfortunately a loss of six jobs resulted.

Stuart Wilson,

Vesper Drive, Acomb