A GRANDFATHER who has spent the last week fighting for his life against coronavirus is on the road to recovery – and was clapped by medics as he left an acute ward at York Hospital today.

And now Ken Howes, 60, says he is indebted to the NHS staff who helped to save his life.

York Press:

Ken, from York, was rushed into hospital on April 8 by paramedics after falling ill.

His daughter, Claire Howes, told The Press how Ken started to show mild symptoms, including a fever and loss of appetite, but worsened and was struggling to breathe.

He spent the last week receiving oxygen through a ventilator but has since pulled through the worst, and today (Thursday) was clapped out of Ward 15 by nurses, doctors and NHS staff who looked after him.

Ken, a father of two and grandfather of six, said he “owes his life to the staff at York Hospital”, adding: “They are the real heroes.”

He is currently still receiving treatment in hospital but is now on a lower dose of oxygen and has been moved onto a less intensive ward.

Claire added that the past week has been an emotional rollercoaster for the whole family, and that his first night in hospital was "touch and go".

She said: “My mum rang me last week and she was in floods of tears, as the paramedics took him away to hospital.

York Press:

"I didn’t know if I was ever going to see him again. It’s been a week from hell and I’ve never felt so useless but I’m so happy and relieved. We can’t wait to get him home.

“My dad wants everyone to know how wonderful everyone on Ward 15 is.

“They’ve been there for him through it all, sending him words of encouragement in the early hours of the morning, and making sure he had the best care possible.

“Thank you isn’t enough to everyone who works for the NHS and are helping my dad and others.

“Everything you see on the news reports is real. My heart goes out to those who are still suffering."

Speaking of her dad, she added: "He only retired the week before the lockdown, so I hope he can come home soon and finally start to enjoy it.”