POLICE have issued 11 fines so far for people breaking the coronavirus rules. 

North Yorkshire Police said that since last Thursday, April 2, it has issued 11 fines across the area. Currently, fines for first-time offenders are £60, but £30 for those who pay them within 28 days. 

The amount is doubled for each repeat offence up to £960. 

The force added: "We report people for the fines, but they are collected centrally."

Last month, the force set up road checkpoints to determine whether drivers' journeys were essential or not. The checkpoints, which are announced and could be anywhere across the city, are backed up by legislation allowing the police to fine people and disperse groups of people who do not comply. 

Yesterday Police Federation bosses told MPs they initially tried to enforce coronavirus lockdown rules based only on "stark" messages from politicians rather than new legislation.

Simon Kempton, from the Police Federation, told the Home Affairs Select Committee that normally officers would be trained before new legislation came into force.

But lockdown powers under the Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations and the Coronavirus Act were brought in so quickly that this was not possible.

The new guidance states: “Use your judgement and common sense; for example, people will want to exercise locally and may need to travel to do so, we don’t want the public sanctioned for travelling a reasonable distance to exercise.

“Road checks on every vehicle is equally disproportionate. We should reserve enforcement only for individuals who have not responded to engage, explain, and encourage, where public health is at risk.”