HERE'S a great aerial view of the Rowntree’s factory on Haxby Road, taken some time before 1930.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the photograph, to the modern eye at least, is the lack of cars on Wigginton Road. The road, which is in the foreground, is full of workers presumably heading to or from the factory: but they all seem to be either on foot or on bikes. There is not a car to be seen.

The photograph comes from Explore York's new-look digital archive, Explore York images ( In the top middle you can just about make out the outline of Haxby Road. The famous 'Rowntree's Cocoa' sign can be seen on the face of the factory building at the far left of the photograph. Access to Wigginton Road from the Burton Stone Lane area was through the lane in the bottom left of the image. The row of houses front left are on Wigginton Terrace.

Stephen Lewis