A VULNERABLE York woman with health problems has been told she must keep coming to work by her company despite concerns - according to an independent health organisation.

A Healthwatch York spokesperson says they have received many calls from people in similar situations.

They are urging employers to better protect staff with existing health conditions - who are at a higher risk of severe illness if they catch coronavirus.

And they warn that insisting these people come to work could be classed as disability discrimination.

One woman told Healthwatch: "I’m scared to come to work, I feel even more stressed and afraid whilst I am here, and it feels like this company values nothing but money.”

Emma Williams from mental health organisation Time to Change said: “It saddens me to hear the stories of people feeling forced to work in unsafe conditions and how this is negatively affecting their mental health."

Siân Balsom, Healthwatch York manager, added: "We urge all local employers to make sure they fully understand the personal circumstances of each of their employees and take a common-sense approach where continuing in their duties puts lives at risk, enabling home working wherever possible. Employers should also be aware that insisting people come to work in these circumstances could be seen as disability discrimination.”