A YORK firm which provides biological decontamination services is offering deep cleaning and sterilisation throughout the UK.

BioDecon, in Haxby, has teamed up with Nexus, based in Sutton Coldfield, in a new business partnership, with the creation of nine new jobs in the York area.

The two companies are using their mobile teams to prepare offices for when employees who are currently working from home return to their regular routine, and are also attending workplaces staffed by essential workers.

The effects of this deep clean, using patented technology, include complete inactivation of MERS and SARS-like viruses including the Coronavirus (CoViD-19).

BioDecon works in most environments, but especially in medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical areas, with the police and defence, and in food production. In these settings, it is vital that microbes and hazardous biological and non-biological entities are removed and do not breed or contaminate the environment.

Their work usually includes deep cleans, providing decontamination, sterilisation and disinfection services, working at biohazard sites and monitoring situations where infectious disease could become a problem.

The new partnership has already seen high demand from within the construction industry. New staff recruitment is underway, with training given in deep cleaning techniques.

Andy McMillan, managing director at BioDecon, said: "We are delighted to be teaming up with Nexus and offering a solution to an issue that is going to be a priority for businesses in the coming months.

"This partnership provides a service of the highest quality. We are creating jobs already and we aim to create more in line with demand."

The cleaning is carried out using patented TOMI SteraMist technology, created by Beverly Hills company TOMI. The approach means that offices and other workplaces can be deep cleaned and sterilized without any equipment being damaged, with no need for a wipe down afterwards as no residue is left.

Jot Engelbrecht, of Nexus, said: “The highest level of sterilization and decontamination is clearly going to be at the forefront of business leader’s thinking going forward. We are proud to be launching this service with a number of selected complimentary deep cleans to organisations that contribute to their community and are close to our heart.

"On a wider scale, staff are going to want to feel safe when they return to work and this is one contribution in achieving that.

“The quick turnaround and lack of intrusion will be key factors for a lot of companies.”