Pandemic brings home true value of the NHS...

I hope that after the coronavirus pandemic is all over this government will realise that the NHS is one of the best things Mr Bevan and the Labour government in 1948 began and will plough more money into recruiting more doctors, nurses and all key workers - not just in the health department but police, firemen and all who are there for the good of the country.

Maybe one of the things they could do is reduce the money all MPs and members of the House of Lords get and give it to the people who are called for in an emergency - that is certainly not the Members of Parliament.

Maureen Robinson, Broadway, York

... and of those providing vital frontline services

Anyone with any sense knows how great our NHS staff are: from the lowest to the highest we couldn’t manage without you.

I would also like to thank those stalwarts of our lives - the police, postmen, dustbin men, bus and train drivers, shop workers etc who daily do their jobs to keep our country running.

Please also think of those who work in care homes and do home caring: they make the lives of the old and vulnerable bearable, working very long hours for little pay.

To all citizens of ‘God’s own county’, stay strong, and safely support each other.

Janet J Coupland,

Walmer Carr, Wigginton, York