A TOUR guide, based in York, has set up a free online tour to take viewers around the haunted parts of the city during the coronavirus outbreak.

Dorian Deathly usually travels around the city in the Ghost Bus, as well as hosting walking tours and providing educational work. However, due to the coronavirus crisis, his work has all been halted.

To carry on, Dorian decided to head out around the streets of York, recording as he travelled around the haunted areas of the city and providing commentary throughout.

Dorian said: “York has so many visitors who sadly won’t be able to make it in the next few months, hopefully this is a small consolation.”

Dorian hosted another free online ghost tour last week live on Facebook. His page can be found by searching ‘Dorian Deathly’.

Dorian said the most recent tour was closer to his home, to stay within the limitations. He said: “Luckily I live near the Tyburn and Terry’s factory so there were plenty of things to waffle on about.”

The online ghost tour can be found at: https://bit.ly/2Jj7IlZ