I can’t understand why City Screen have made staff redundant - or reduced wages - at the cinema in Coney Street?

Last week the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, who is doing an incredible job, announced unprecedented financial support for our businesses, with help of up to 80 per cent of a company’s staff income - up to £2,500 a month - for staff they keep on the payroll in these unprecedented times.

Th decision by Cineworld, who own City Screen, seems a slap in the face for the government who are desperate to keep business going, and the poor cinema staff.

Cinemas were naturally one of the many venues that have had to close by government edict in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. But it seems terribly cruel that Cineworld and the Picturehouse brands have taken this drastic, uncaring action.

In this period of national emergency, companies will be judged on their corporate behaviour and compassion - and those who do not step up to the mark will reap a backlash from the public at the end that will damage their brand as badly as Covid -19.

The decision, no doubt, made by a pen pusher in head office. Shame on you Cineworld.

Keith Massey,


When will people realise this virus is a danger?

Have we become a society so full of our own importance that every instruction by the government has to be questioned? Don’t people have the gumption to realise that the advice offered by Boris and his gang is aimed at protecting everyone in this green and pleasant land?

The recent severe measures were introduced because, left to their own initiative, people are selfish and inconsiderate. Throngs of thoughtless people crowding the sea shore and public places and supermarkets is the opposite of the advice give by the government and has forced the implementation of more draconian measures.

When will people realise that the coronavirus is a danger to us all?

DM Deamer, Penleys Grove Street, Monkgate,York

It’s time for Jeremy Corbyn to self-isolate

Jeremy Corbyn blames ten years of Tory cuts and austerity for why the NHS is struggling to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. It illustrates what a shallow-minded political agitator he is, trying to make political capital out of such a serious matter. Did he know when the virus was going to strike? No - and neither did the rest of the world. Time for him to self isolate for years to come.

Peter Rickaby,

West Park, Selby