THE principal of York College has made a heart-felt plea to students across York and North Yorkshire to stay in touch with their education provider.

Lee Probert, the college's chief executive and principal, said it's vitally important that all students studying for GCSEs, AS, A-levels and other qualifications remain focused in the weeks and months ahead.

He said: "In education we care deeply about our students. We are not just places that churn out qualifications. These are young people who are part of our community and their future matters."

Mr Probert said all schools and colleges are waiting to hear from the Government on precisely how qualifications will be graded after last week's announcements that all exams have been cancelled.

He said there are three key things that students should do now:

  • It's important to join in with online tuition - this is an much about student welfare as it is about learning. It's important students don't feel isolated
  • It's not yet clear what the arrangements will be for grading exams, but it is clear that teacher assessment will play an important role. Keep in touch with your teachers so they can 'go in to bat for you' when the time comes
  • Schools and colleges have closed very early in the academic year and every school in the city is streaming lessons so make sure students don't miss out

Mr Probert said: "The grading could rely on mock exam results or proxy grades based on coursework. Other relevant data such as progress from SATs in Year 6 to GCSE and from GCSEs to A-levels might be taken in to account, we just don't know yet. It is likely an element of teacher assessment will be used to award qualifications. Help your tutor to be in the best possible position to push for the best possible result for you by talking to them and engaging in the learning they continue to provide.

"Continue with coursework and wider reading in your subject. For anyone progressing to higher levels of study, it’s important not to lose the habit of study such that it becomes difficult for you to reconnect at a later date.

"I want students to stay well and mentally active in this period where we do not know how long you might be away from college."