A YORK headteacher has issued a stark warning to parents: ensure your children follow guidelines on social distancing or more people will die from the coronavirus.

Fulford School head Steve Lewis has written to parents and carers to say the 'invincibility of youth' can lead young people to make decisions that put themselves and the wider community at risk.

He said social distancing would reduce the rate of spread of the virus, and if the spread wasn't reduced, the NHS would become overrun with cases and people would die from lack of resources.

"However difficult it may feel for our families and young people to follow the guidelines on social distancing, we must do this and as parents and carers we must ensure our children do," he said.

"If we don’t, we put the lives of family, friends and the wider community at risk. Quite simply more people will die."

The head also said people needed to care for each other, be kind and find a different way of living, adding: "Things will get better, we have it within our power to get to the end of this pandemic as quickly as possible.

"I know we will all join together as one Fulford family to play our part in this national emergency and do the right thing."