We are living in turbulent times and things, we are told, will only get worse before we see some relief.

If the coronavirus is not enough, we have to put up with a new virus, that of selfishness and greed. It is spreading fast: the signs can be clearly seen in any supermarket and, of course, in the pictures in your own newspaper. The only time shelves could have been as empty as they are today would have been during the Second World War, although the reasons then were different.

Whatever the reasons for the shortages, solutions had to be found. So why not take some of the measures that had to be taken then?

One measures was that of rationing. We could introduce that in a 2020 format. I don’t mean that each product should have tickets as in the war times, but I’m sure today’s supermarket management would have the brains to introduce something suitable.

The supermarkets in general use loyalty cards that keep their customer’s details. I do not think it would be difficult for each supermarket to issue a modern-day ration card to loyalty card customers. This would allow the supermarkets’ loyal customers to revert back to civilized shopping days. We could also bring back some of the other happenings, for instance; communities getting together and helping each other. Not, as is happening today, selfishness and greed.

Danny Finney,

Wains Road,


Premier League should support small clubs

The managing director of Dagenham & Redbridge of the National League says that £15-£20 million is needed to keep alive the 70 clubs in this division and the two divisions below, which includes York City (The Press, March 20). He says the money must come from the government because they can’t expect a bailout from the Premier League or the FA.

Why not? In these unprecedented times, with the PL and the FA both awash with money, and given the obscene amounts paid to so-called ‘star’ players, surely they won’t miss a few crumbs.

Geoff Robb, Dunnington

What, no Eurovision? Yippee!

There is a silver lining to the Coronavirus crisis: the Eurovision Song Contest has had to be cancelled. Yippee!

Peter Rickaby,

West Park, Selby

It’s service as normal on the railways...

BBC Radio York reported that Transpennine Crosscountry and Northern Rail were operating reduced services and cancellations due to the Coronavirus pandemic. So normal service then.

Peter Newton,

Montague Street, York