Social distancing and panic shopping don’t mix. Those who think being home alone (or with loved ones) might be fun will soon be craving socialising. Going shopping every day is something to look forward to when you’re stuck at home by yourself. Many retired people will recognise this panging for company - it’s called loneliness.

So please stop stripping supermarket shelves to stockpile. Shop regularly, if you are able, and use local greengrocers and independent shops.

Julie Fearn, Manor Park Road, York

How can we donate to help the NHS?

I’ve just heard on the radio that in several cities on the continent at a certain time people go onto their balconies and front door steps for a few minutes to applaud, shout, sing and generally make a noise as a way of thanking and encouraging the medics and other emergency services who are working to protect us from Covid19.

This is perhaps a bit too much to expect from inhibited Brits, but I also heard that in Brussels large amounts of money were being donated to local hospitals by people wanting to help. I am sure many of us would like to do the same. It might help make up for the years of austerity the NHS has suffered. Does anyone know how we can donate so that the best use could be made of the money while causing the fewest admin problems?

Ann Holt,

Portland Street, York