Following years of lobbying from the leaders at City of York Council, central government has finally released £77.1m towards the complete re-development of the York Central site.

This is in addition to the £77.8m funding package put forward by the City of York Council, its partners and the site developers, who have been waiting for years for government to deliver the rest of the funds to unlock the project.

The icing on the cake: City of York Council was also successful in its bid for £14 million to complete the railway station frontage project.

I’m pleased that it will be the Lib Dem and Green administration on City of York Council which will now drive these long-overdue projects forward. With thousands of new homes and more office space, a new park and extension to the Railway Museum, these schemes will deliver better paid jobs, new community facilities, improvements for pedestrians and cyclists, and sustainable and affordable housing, all on one of the largest city-centre brownfield sites in Europe.

The funds for York railway station will completely transform it into a modern transport interchange fit for the future; welcoming the many visitors to York and improving access for all communities in York to the rest of the country.

Cllr Ed Pearson,

Ward Councillor for Haxby & Wigginton.

Orchard Paddock, Haxby

Why no bus station in York station revamp?

This plan for the regeneration of the brown site near York railway station for some unexplained reason does not include a very much needed bus station (£14.5m to transform city’s railway station is secured, March 14). With the main railway station nearby, surely this is common sense? Or is it just me?

For years we have lacked a bus station and with climate change now a vital subject and buses becoming electric surely City of York Council should have this as a priority? Leeds have one and most cities have one. Why not York?

John Norman,

Teachers Close, York