I must congratulate Stephen Lewis on his article about the lockdown in the Chinese city of Wuhan (Lockdown: can we learn from Wuhan?, March 18). I read the ‘Times’ and the ‘Economist’, and have not seen in either publication such clear and complete coverage.

The Chinese government needs to learn two lessons from the coronavirus outbreak. First, Chinese officials need to be open as soon as they are warned by doctors about outbreaks of disease. This did not happen in Wuhan, and the virus was allowed to begin to spread whilst officials tried to cover up the bad news.

Second, the Chinese need to review their institution of wet markets. These are places that sell live animals for food. The coronavirus appears to have originated in bats or snakes sold in a wet market in Wuhan. The virus jumped onto human beings, in whom it mutated and thrived. Wet markets appear to be not only a danger in China, but to the whole world.

David Martin,

Rosedale Avenue, Acomb