How does the closure of the food stalls on York Market make sense (Shambles market and visitor centre shut, March 17)?

As a couple in their 60s and 70s, the stalls are our nearest source of fresh food – meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.

As we considered the implications for us of Covid-19 it seemed that continuing to shop at the market was our safest option as we were out in the open and usually shopping alone or with one or two other customers, able to measure our distance from others.

Our options now are to shop in the often crowded supermarkets, joining the queues at the checkouts or shop online with the loss of the exercise so important to our physical and mental health, strengthening our resistance to Covid-19.

Our thoughts are with the stallholders and hope that this does not mean the end of the market.

John and Kath Stead, Markham Street, York

St Sampson’s will reopen as soon as possible

It was with a heavy heart that Richard Whittaker and the Committee at the St Sampson’s Centre for the Over 60s decided to close the centre on Wednesday, March 18.  We know how important we are to a whole community of people who meet their friends there and share the best value tea and coffee in town.

We rely on our team of volunteers, many of whom are over 70 or even 90! We cannot put them at risk, nor our patrons who are also vulnerable. We hope to keep in touch during the next few weeks.  We hope to open again as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, our running costs will continue, so any donations would be most welcome.  Best wishes to all our patrons.

Revd Sue Nightingale,

Chairman, St Sampson’s Centre for the Over 60s, 

Church Street, York

Why not try your local shops for a change?

If you are worried about going to supermarkets because of the coronavirus, why not support your local shops instead?

Diana Ankers, South Bank,  York