It was very interesting to read Keith Massey’s letter (Has this coronavirus been around for longer?, March 16).

On December 5 we had a pleasant lunch with friends near Driffield. That evening I started with sore a throat. Next day I had a full ‘cold’ and sore throat and a couple of days later, my wife started to get the same symptoms. We went on to develop a persistent cough.

We thought that as we had had our flu jabs, we had dodged a dose of full blown flu. However, like Mr & Mrs. Massey, we went into a prolonged period of suffering this cough, along with tiredness and fatigue that we hadn’t experienced within our memory.

We struggled through Christmas and New Year, with little or no energy and we’ve worked out that it was the second/ third week in January before we got back to being our normal selves. Perhaps the good thing is that, at 75 with a few health issues, we’ve maybe proved that it’s possible to come through these virus episodes.

W. Ayres, Algarth Road, Pocklington

Do we still have to pay members of the Lords?

Now that the over-70s are being asked to self isolate does this mean we don’t have to pay for all those in the House of Lords who will not be able to attend? Or will they have special dispensation and does this instruction only apply to us serfs?

Keith Jones,

Burnholme, York

Why golfers don’t have to self-isolate...

We over-70s golf hackers have no need to self-isolate. The way our misdirected little white balls fly anywhere but where they were intended to go means the likelihood of any two being within six feet of each other is extremely rare. Even the handshake on the final green is fine. We all have a gloved hand.

Geoff Robb,

Hunters Close, Dunnington

Family history ‘York 1900’ meetings postponed

The York Family History Society and ‘York and All That’ have regretfully decided to postpone their ‘York 1900’ meetings that had been planned for April 1.

The likely new date will be May 5, 2021.

For further details please contact John Bibby on at

Updates will be posted at

John Bibby,

Straylands Grove, York