SEVERAL communities across York have set up hubs to help those who are having to self-isolate due to the coronavirus.

The ‘York COVID 19 Volunteers’ network has been created by Jason Rose to help alleviate the problem of hundreds of small disjointed groups with no oversight or connectivity.

The group involves several teams that are operating in the city as well as the suburbs, so people can help others in need.

Resident Corrine Pearson has set up a community Facebook page and has printed off cards that can be posted to those in need, offering help.

The project is similar to the nationwide Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK, a volunteer network of community groups across the UK supporting vulnerable people through Covid-19 outbreak.

Helpers, between the ages of 18 and 60, will complete shopping trips and pick up medical supplies before leaving them on doorsteps for collection.

Meanwhile, Jason added that he has been in contact with groups and charities to help set up the network.

He said: “We will be posting regularly on Facebook, to share official advice and enable volunteers to join up with established safe organisations.

“There are lots of challenges, including ever-changing national advice and the huge numbers of people wanting to help, but with lots of fantastic local voluntary admins the network has linked up with lots of other voluntary groups.

“We’re going to be directing people to organisations like York Neighbours, Age UK York, and York Foodbank.

“We’ll also be communicating the advice of official groups like York CVS, Ready For Anything, City Of York Council, and Campaign To End Loneliness on how to set up small groups safely to help in respective areas. To volunteer, just join any of the local Facebook groups or the central hub group and look for information on how to do so.

“If you are an official organisation who needs additional voluntary support, post in the groups or feel free to get in touch with us.”

To get in touch with the groups, please visit

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