I am beginning to wonder if the coronavirus has been active much longer than admitted?

A week before Christmas I went down very quickly, followed by my wife a day later, with what we thought was flu.

We didn’t get out of bed or eat anything for six days with a cough that drove us to distraction.

Two months before this, we lost a younger very active friend who didn’t respond to antibiotics and a ventilator in intensive care.

We assumed it was flu – but was it?

There were no checks as the dreaded word “coronavirus” hadn’t been mentioned.

We have only recovered properly about three weeks ago.

Keith Massey

Bishopthorpe, York

Can anyone come clean over hand wipes?

SURELY anti-bacterial hand wipes do not give extra protection against a virus?

Does anyone have knowledge and/or thoughts about this?

Rose Berl,

De Little Court,

Vine Street, York